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ABZOOM BIOLABS, Inc P.O. Box 726578 Dallas, TX, USA


Antibody production

Peptide Selection and Design

The advantage of immunizing with synthetic peptides is that unlimited quantity of pure stable antigen can be used. Our scientists carefully select the desired amino acid sequence so that the particular regions of a protein can be targeted specifically. In order to achieve the best immune response, KLH is selected as the carrier protein of synthetic peptides.

Immunization Program

A suitable immunization program is very important for antibody production. Our scientists have been engaged in antibody production for many years, and have developed an optimal immunization program to produce the antibodies of high titer and high affinity.

Antibody Purification

Our proprietary purification processes are designed to maximize the yield, purity, and immunoreactivity of antibodies. Nearly no antibody protein activity is lost in the process of purification, and the purity of antibody protein is no less than 95%.

Antibody Validation

With the validation platforms of ELISA, western blot,immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, immunofluorescence and immunoprecipitation, we can offer you the best antibodies to fit your needs.